Research into the causes and treatment of neuromuscular conditions is continuing, both here in Australia and Overseas


researchWhile Muscular Dystrophy South Australia works at a grassroots level to provide essential support and services to children and adults living with a neuromuscular condition, our broader vision for the future is to find cures and treatments for degenerative neuromuscular conditions.


Here’s how we’re working towards this goal:

  • Around Australia, research into neuromuscular conditions is being carried out in hospitals (within pathology, paediatrics, genetics and research wings), 37 universities and 18 institutions, including the SAHMRI and the Hanson Institute here in South Australia.
  • Our CEO Phil Martin is an executive member of The Australasian Neuromuscular Network, which establishes diagnostics and standards of care guidelines, co-ordinates research and clinical trials
  • We also engage with the Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists, which works to ensure high standards of clinical neurology practice, supporting training, education, teaching and research. Allan Bretag, the Research Chair of our Board of Governance is an Honorary Associate Member.

Professor Allan Bretag, provides an annual report on research progress. You can read it here.


Useful Research Websites

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