The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award



The Client Services Team at Muscular Dystrophy SA is now offering The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award to our clients.

Participation is entirely voluntary but we do encourage people to join. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a great chance for participants to show off their talents, explore their passions and develop their confidence. The great thing about The Award is that it allows you to include activities you’re already doing such as playing sport or learning new skills and it even gives you an opportunity to start something you have always dreamed of but never actually begun.

The Award is for people aged between 14 and 25. It will give you the chance to learn new skills, make new friends and explore your ambitions. You get to base your Award around your own personal interests, goals and abilities. There are three levels of The Award; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The Bronze and Silver Awards include four sections:

Service: Connecting with your community through volunteering.

Physical Recreation: Improving your physical fitness and well-being.

Skill: Unleashing your talents and broadening your abilities.

Adventurous Journey: Discovering your sense of adventure and bonding with friends.

A fifth section is included for the Gold Award only:

Residential Project: Participants must reside away from their usual place of residence for no less than five days and four nights.

Muscular Dystrophy NSW is currently running the Duke of Edinburgh Program for their clients and it has been a great success. Through Muscular Dystrophy NSW young people have completed a range of different activities to achieve their Gold Awards. For the skill section some individuals learned mouth painting and for the physical recreation section a few participants took up bowling. For the volunteering section, one individual volunteered for his local soccer club recording statistics for the team coach. Some people went on an accessible fishing boat for a number of days for the Adventurous journey and one individual stayed in an Apartment on her own for a week for her Adventurous Journey. She organised her own carers, planned her own meals and organised her entire week independently. Each Award will vary from person to person and that’s the main idea; we all get excited about different things and the Award focuses on what each individual is inspired by.

If you think you would like to do The Award or even just learn more about The Award, please contact Jaimie on 8234 5266 / email or Aisling on 8234 5266 / email

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This is Jonathan on the left and Travis on the right. They are both doing their volunteering section at Muscular Dystrophy SA.

This is Jonathan on the left and Travis on the right. They are both doing their volunteering section at Muscular Dystrophy SA.


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