Support Groups

Support groups provide valuable emotional support and practical help. Going to a support group does not mean sitting in a room full of tears or sad stories. Of course the sharing of stories and emotions is important but support groups are also about sharing ideas, experience and tips on how to make life easier when living with a neuromuscular disorder.

MDSA facilitates support groups that provide the opportunity for people with a neuromuscular condition or their friends and family to develop relationships with people who share similar experiences.

Our Client Services team is happy to organise groups to meet and can facilitate meetings if required. This could mean arranging guest speakers to come in and talk to the group or supporting the group to identify a topic to discuss each month. Client Services can also facilitate client to client contact.  We regularly have clients who wish to connect with others with the same disorder. Speak to Client Services about the different ways we could make this happen for you.

Currently support groups are held at the MDSA building. Support groups are held on a monthly basis and the MDSA can provide some assistance with travel costs.

Call the MDSA office on 8234 5266 or email Debbie at or Amber at