Speech Therapy

Speech therapy involves the identification, definition, diagnosis and treatment of the range of speech and language disorders. Speech and language difficulties can arise from a wide range of factors. These include: cognitive or other developmental delays, weak oral muscles, motor planning problems, respiratory problems and swallowing disorders.

Speech disorders include the following problems:

  • Articulation disorders include difficulties producing sounds in syllables or saying words incorrectly to the point that individuals cannot understand what is being said.
  • Fluency disorders include problems such as stuttering.
  • Resonance or voice disorders include problems with pitch, volume or quality of the voice that distract listeners from what is being said.
  • Dysphasia or oral feeding disorders include difficulties with eating, swallowing and choking.

Through the Muscular Dystrophy SA Client Services team, clients can access our speech therapy service. A speech therapist is available once per month at the Muscular Dystrophy SA office. If you have a neuromuscular condition and think you may benefit from seeing a speech therapist, please contact Kelly in Client Services on 8234 5266 or email kmclean@mdasa.org.au for a referral.