Through Muscular Dystrophy South Australia Client Services team, clients can access one free physiotherapy appointment per year with one of our preferred neurophysiotherapists. This is a great opportunity for clients to have their condition reviewed, develop exercise programs and discuss the use of aids or equipment as required. Additional appointments throughout the year can be offered, for say injury rehabilitation or some other specific need. However, this is at the discretion of the Client Service Manager.¬†Physiotherapy has many benefits. It largely improves a person’s posture control and it will also largely maximise an individual’s functional independence.¬†Contact Client Services on 8234 5266 for a referral.


Clients can also choose to utilise the Chronic Disease Management Plan to gain up to five rebated allied health services per calender year with one of Muscular Dystrophy SA’s preferred neurophysiotherapists. Clients would need to talk to their General Practitioner about putting the Chronic Disease Management Plan in place and Muscular Dystrophy South Australia will then cover the gap.

Click on the link below to read the Chronic Disease Management Plan fact sheet.

CDM Plan Fact Sheet