Ever thought about playing a wheelchair sport?

Every Monday night at Regency Park School PAPSA (Push and Powered Sports Association)
Practice and play Balloon Soccer; Hockey and Rugby from
6:45pm – 9:00pm.
All electric and manual chair users are welcome
For more information contact:
Wheelchair Sports South Australia on 8234 1533


N.E.W.S is a competition played every year between the different states in Australia and sometimes New Zealand. A NEWS team comprises six wheelchair athletes who have a neuromuscular disorder and use an electric wheelchair.  If you use a manual wheelchair you are not eligible to compete in the interstate championships but you can compete locally.  Each player in the team must compete in all 3 sports player: balloon soccer, hockey and rugby.


The Muscular Dystrophy Association’s South Australian NEWS team (The Scorpions) was first established in 1986.  The team trains on most Mondays. When there isn’t any state training the team plays in a local competition.


National Championships are held each year and the SA team train hard towards their goal of being the No 1 team in Australia.

The South Australian Scorpions have had a very productive year this year!


In April 2010, the Scorpions competed at NEWS (National Electric Wheelchair Sports), an annual event where people with neuromuscular conditions compete against other teams from other states in 3 sports; hockey, balloon soccer and rugby. This year the event was held in Sydney.


The team lineup was: Matthew Clarke (captain), Santo Bongiovanni (vice-captain), Tim Holman, Sam Aforozis, Clinton Woodman and Chris Spencer, with coaching shared between Dale Holman and Rob Clarke. The Scorpions also had two additional players playing for Queensland this year; Jonathan Grigg and Chantel Bongiovanni.

This year was by far the most successful of any year at NEWS for South Australia for almost 10 years with the Scorpions making the 3rd/4th place play-off in all three sports they competed in, and winning 3rd place in hockey beating Western Australia 3–2.


A number of honours was also given to the South Australian players; Santo Bongiovanni was made a member of the All-Australian Team and also won SA Best & Fairest, Matthew Clarke and Tim Holman made the All-Star Team in hockey and Sam Aforozis made the All-Star Team in balloon soccer. Chantel Bongiovanni also received the Rookie of the Year award. As it is every year, it was an exciting and fun-filled week for everyone involved and the Scorpion’s achievements only served to highlight what was already an enjoyment!