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Testimonials from our clients 

In Jay’s younger childhood years, he used to struggle with respiratory illness which would result in at least two hospital admissions per year sometimes requiring up to a week’s stay in hospital with oxygen.

After his last admission, we were provided with a cough assist machine to take home with us and we haven’t looked back since. Having this machine at home means we are able to use as a preventative measure to keep Jay’s lungs healthy and also catch a cough at the onset so it doesn’t develop into something more serious. That was 2 years ago now and I don’t think we have even had to go to the GP! Jay’s health has improved greatly and he got a fantastic report from the Respiratory specialist just last week.

We were advised that this machine was donated by Muscular Dystrophy SA and once again we are extremely grateful to this amazing organisation. Thanks Muscular Dystrophy South Australia!!


 “Muscular Dystrophy South Australia benefits my life by keeping me sane. When I volunteer at their office, it gets me out of the house and increases my independence. Camp is always fun and I really enjoy meeting new people. The MD Mafia gives me the chance to see my friends and gain new experiences. Without the staff at Muscular Dystrophy SA, I wouldn’t be able to achieve the things I have achieved.”

Danny and Hoda

Muscular Dystrophy SA’s Client Survey


Muscular Dystrophy SA is committed to offering services and supports that are of the most benefit to our clients. We recently conducted a Survey to find out what it is that clients feel they need from our organisation and how we can best meet those needs. Please click on the following link to view the Summary of our Survey. Muscular Dystrophy SA Survey Summary.


Muscular Dystrophy SA Forum

Muscular Dystrophy held a Forum on the 6th July at the Thebarton Community Centre which explored current research developments into neuromuscular conditions, as well as providing information about the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and future directions for Muscular Dystrophy SA. The Forum was a great success with 35 attendees coming along for the day and feedback received was very positive. The newly built Thebarton Community Centre was very accessible with only a few recommendations forwarded on to the West Torrens Council. Guest speakers were well received and delivered very informative presentations. If you would like further information about the Forum and any handouts that were provided to attendees please contact Client Services on 8234 5266 or email

Please follow the below links to view our invite to the forum and our forum feedback gathered through surveying attendants.

Invite to Forum

Forum Feedback 

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