Talking it through



Counselling aims to assist people to develop a new understanding about things that have or may be likely to happen to them. For people diagnosed with a neuromuscular condition many issues and concerns can arise. They may be in relation to a new diagnosis, a recent deterioration in health, feelings of guilt that parents or carers may feel and any other emotional distress.

Counselling can assist people to make sense of their lives, resolve specific problems and make decisions. Counsellors do this by listening and enabling people to talk about their feelings as speaking out loud about problems can help put their thoughts in order.

Counselling sessions are available through MDSA by a professional.  Funding for sessions and transport are available, all you need to do is call the office, we are here to help.  Please call the office on 8234 5266 or email the contacts below.  In many cases it just helps to talk to someone.

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