• Hydrotherapy – 2 x 1 hour sessions are held at the Women’s & Children’s Hospital each Thursday, with the assistance of a neurophysiotherapists and 3-5 attendants on dry land and in the pool.
  • Physiotherapy – 1 free appointment per year is offered to clients as required. Clients are referred to 1 of 3 physiotherapists who have extensive experience in their field and a long and successful working relationship with Muscular Dystrophy SA.
  • Speech Therapy – A speech therapist is available to see clients to address swallowing and choking issues. Appointments are available once a month.
  • Support Groups – Presently, Muscular Dystrophy SA holds a well attended Spinal Cerebellar Ataxia (SCA) Support Group on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. We also hold a monthly MD Mafia Support Group on weekends for boys aged 15-25. Support groups are also held throughout the year for people who have been diagnosed with CMT or Myositis; these however, take place when requested by clients. Other support groups can be organised if there is sufficient client interest.

  • Buddy Up Program – Muscular Dystrophy SA facilitates the Buddy Up Program. The Buddy Up Program revolves around 1:1 interaction between a volunteer and a client.  Buddies can attend social events together or they can choose to spend time at the client’s home. The Buddy Up Program provides a learning, educational and awareness promoting experience for volunteers and it is a great opportunity for clients to expand their social lives. Contact Hoda in Client Services on 8234 5266 or email if you would like to get involved either as a buddy or as a volunteer.
  • Grown-Up Getaway – Muscular Dystrophy SA holds a “getaway” weekend for adult clients once per year. In March 2010 a group of clients & their carers headed to the Wallaroo North Caravan Park for 2 nights – they enjoyed time at the beach, meals at local eateries and exploring local towns. 
  • Christmas Party – In late November each year, Muscular Dystrophy SA celebrates the festive season with great food, friendship and frivolity, a visit from Santa and PRESENTS for the younger clients. Clients, carers, volunteers, Muscular Dystrophy SA staff and friends of Muscular Dystrophy SA are all welcome.