• Hydrotherapy – 2 x 1 hour sessions are held at the Women’s & Children’s Hospital each Thursday, with the assistance of a neurophysiotherapists and 3-5 attendants on dry land and in the pool.


  • Physiotherapy – 1 free appointment per year is offered to clients as required. Clients are referred to 1 of 3 physiotherapists who have extensive experience in their field and a long and successful working relationship with Muscular Dystrophy SA.


  • Speech Therapy – A speech therapist is available to see clients to address swallowing and choking issues. Appointments are available once a month.


  • Counselling – Muscular Dystrophy South Australia offers external counselling. Counselling can assist people to make sense of their lives, resolve specific problems and make decisions. If you are interested in being provided with counselling then please contact Client Services on 8234 5266.


  • Support Groups – Presently, Muscular Dystrophy SA holds a well attended Spinal Cerebellar Ataxia (SCA) Support Group on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. We also hold a monthly MD Mafia Support Group on weekends for boys aged 15-25. Support groups are also held throughout the year for people who have been diagnosed with CMT or Myositis; these however, take place when requested by clients. Other support groups can be organised if there is sufficient client interest.


  • Buddy Up Program – Muscular Dystrophy SA facilitates the Buddy Up Program. The Buddy Up Program revolves around 1:1 interaction between a volunteer and a client.  Buddies can attend social events together or they can choose to spend time at the client’s home. The Buddy Up Program provides a learning, educational and awareness promoting experience for volunteers and it is a great opportunity for clients to expand their social lives. Contact Hoda in Client Services on 8234 5266 or email if you would like to get involved either as a buddy or as a volunteer.


  • Camp Capacity – Camp Capacity is a four night, five day camp held for people with neuromuscular conditions and their siblings who are aged between 5-25. It is a great opportunity for campers to make new friends, gain new experiences and enjoy themselves away from home. Campers are matched up with volunteer carers who assist them throughout their stay. Camp is also a great chance for parents and carers to have some time of welcome respite.  


  • Grown-Up Getaway – Muscular Dystrophy SA holds a “getaway” weekend for adult clients once per year. In March 2014 a group of clients & their carers headed to the Wallaroo North Caravan Park for 2 nights – they enjoyed time at the beach, meals at local eateries and exploring local towns.


  • Christmas Party – In late November each year, Muscular Dystrophy SA celebrates the festive season with great food, friendship and frivolity, a visit from Santa and PRESENTS for the younger clients. Clients, carers, volunteers, Muscular Dystrophy SA staff and friends of Muscular Dystrophy SA are all welcome.