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Christmas is a special time of year full of hope and joy, especially for families of young children. Gift giving and celebrating with family is always good fun, and watching a child’s evolving experience of Christmas is a joy for any parent.


However, for families with children living with a neuromuscular condition, Christmas can be a poignant reminder of the passing of time and the reality of the future they face as their child’s abilities deteriorate.


We at Muscular Dystrophy South Australia have recently reviewed our organisational vision and pupose. We exist to provide support and services to people living with a neuromuscular condition and their families and to support research to find a cure and improved clinical practice. Our vision is a world without neuromuscular conditions by 2050. We can’t do this without the support of our generous community of donors and supporters.


Amazing things are happening with your donations. Just last month, Muscular Dystrophy South Australia invested $75,000 into research into genetic causes of neuromuscular conditions with the University of South Australia.


But while we work towards finding treatments and cures for these devasting conditons, real life support to families needs to continue.

Harrison looks forward to Camp Capacity all year

Harrison looks forward to Camp Capacity all year

We asked Colleen O’Neill, parent of one of our young clients Harrison, to share their story…

Hi, I’m Colleen and I have 2 children, Harrison and Jasmin, and an amazing partner Andrew.

Harrison is a client of Muscular Dystrophy South Australia (MDSA) as he has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).  It is a degenerative disability and over time he will lose his abilities and become wheelchair bound.

Harrison loves being included in MDSA’s events, like Camp Capacity, MD Ninjas and more than anything, the Client Services Christmas Party. He always loves catching up and spending time with the friends he has made through MDSA. The Christmas Party is a highlight for him and his little sister Jasmin. 

Every Christmas we see as a gift. Yes, Harrison is getting older and unfortunately loses more of his ability with every year that passes, but the smile on his face when he sees Santa at the Christmas Party makes the hard times a little easier.

I look at him and see a little boy who loves life, friends and family. Even though it is hard for him to do a lot of the things we all take for granted (like showering himself) he still lights up our lives everyday. 

This Christmas, please consider making a gift to Muscular Dystrophy South Australia. Your support creates the happy smiles on the faces of Harrison and his friends.

Thank you,


We need your help to bring joy and hope to families living with muscular dystrophy this Christmas. Our investment into research will improve treatment and clinical practice and work to find a cure offers amazing hope! Advances are being made in research across the globe, but we need your support to fund client services and research to give our clients the best quality of life possible and hope for the future.


Please place Muscular Dystrophy South Australia on your Christmas gift list this year and donate to our Christmas Appeal.


On behalf of every South Australian affected by a neuromuscular conditon, I pass on my heartfelt thanks for any assistance that you can provide.
I wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe Christmas.


Phil Martin
Muscular Dystrophy South Australia


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