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Today, we are asking for your help.

In April of this year, Muscular Dystrophy South Australia will hold its annual Camp Capacity. This is a four night, five day camp held for almost fifty children and young adults living with a neuromuscular condition and their siblings.

Camp Capacity serves as a one of a kind opportunity for campers to make new friends, gain new experiences and enjoy themselves away from home in a positive and supportive environment. The camp is also a fantastic  chance for parents and carers to have some time for welcomed respite.

Camp Capacity takes a huge amount of preparation and organising for our Client Services team. Preparations begin ten months in advance, with the team spending over 600 working hours to make the event a success.

Over forty volunteer carers generously donate their time to provide essential personal support and daily care to campers – the ratio is at least one carer per camper – over the course of the camp.

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Coordinating such a large group of campers, volunteers and staff, in addition to planning an all inclusive program of activities for children and young people aged between 5 and 17, is not only challenging, but expensive. The costs incurred with provision of accommodation, catering, activities and staffing all add up and the camp would simply not be possible without the support of generous donors such as yourself.

Today, we ask you to think of seven year old James, a young boy who accesses services and support at MDSA.

James is a pretty cool kid, who loves building with his lego blocks and spending hours creating his own scenario role play with them. He is also living with an extraordinary challenge: Charcot-Marie-Tooth, a progressive and degenerative condition. Through your donations James has been able to attend Camp Capacity since 2015. His mum Lisa states, “I am grateful for James’ involvement with MDSA. The programs he accesses – Camp Capacity, MD Ninja’s and Buddy Up have been a great benefit to him with increasing his confidence and understanding his abilities. These programs have also benefited us as a family, as we have the opportunity to have time to relax, knowing James is happy and safe where he is.”

At Camp Capacity, James will have the opportunity to engage in otherwise inaccessible activities and receive the support he requires, all the while building networks and friendships that will continue to exist far beyond that week.

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